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Social Innovation Handbook for Practitioners.

Ideating Solutions for the Labour Market in Egypt

Welcome, friends, colleagues, labourers, employers, innovators and experts to our Social Innovation Handbook. We are about to embark on an incredibly exciting journey. Together, we will be learning and applying social innovation processes to address key challenges in the blue-collar labour market in Egypt. This handbook will demystify both innovation and social innovation, and equip you, yes YOU, with the tools needed to solve complex challenges.

Makers of Alexandria.


Greetings to every innovator – who is not necessarily a famous artist... The “Maker” is an artist… an innovator, whom we wanted to spot the light on. EXPLORE handbook is a starting point to give recognition for the Makers of Alexandria and introduce them to the world. In this handbook, we tried to touch-base some of the major challenges facing the local craftsmen and makers; not only because it seriously affects the sustainability of their businesses, but also because their original products carry the heritage of the metropolitan Alexandria. Explore with us and enjoy a variety of inspiring stories for the innovators and makers of Alexandria.