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“icealex is NOW glad to announce our CALL FOR STARTUPS to apply in our “Startups of Alex” Business Incubator” in its first cycle.

Startups of Alex is the 1st business incubator in Alexandria launched by icealex and funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) under the program of “Intilac”. The idea behind Startups of Alex is based on connecting the different components of the Alexandrian startup ecosystem together including startups, mentors, investors, trainers and supporting organizations.

CORE ACTIVITIES: Ideas, Entrepreneurial activity, Collaboration with supporting organizations, Job opportunities, Investment and Economic growth.

Why should YOU join?
  • Online Recognition.
  • Sharing of skills through workshops and meetings.
  • Facilitated access to business summits and conferences held inside or outside Egypt.
  • Focused development and training for you and your Team.
  • Link between Alexandrian startups and local and international Investors .

Interested in joining us? First deadline for applying (first phase): 30th of June Final deadline for applying: 10th of July For applying register here For more information please contact info@startupsofalex.com


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